Farms & Land

At Dales, dealing with farms is our thing. If you want to deal with a solicitor who actually knows one end of a cow from the other, and how much a tonne of silage is actually worth, then you are in the right place.

Whilst other solicitors may be baffled by the fact that they are struggling to contact you during the only sunny week in a Scottish summer, we fully understand!

Dales especially has expertise in the business of buying and selling farms, which brings with it issues far beyond that of a simple house purchase – we are well versed on the transfer of single farm payment and how to measure the worth of a growing barley crop. We deal with small fields, huge estates and everything in between.

“Farming is a way of life not just a job, and we understand that”

It is our motto that we won’t buy or sell a bit of ground without going out to see it, which is more unusual than you may imagine. We get a feel for any issues that may arise and seek solutions before they become problems.

Agricultural tenancies in Scotland can be somewhat of a minefield, and we have the experts who can guide you safely through putting the tenancy in place, and any issues that may arise during the term of the Lease. Both Landlords and Tenants alike trust us for our advice.

You will see in our Renewables section that turbines are something of a speciality for us here at Dales.

We advise on all agricultural property matters the length and breadth of Scotland, and have in depth knowledge in particular of the following:

  • Farm purchases and sales
  • Opencast / infill
  • Renewable energy projects
  • Telecom masts
  • Servitudes for service media

Purchases & Sales

Since 1986 we have been buying and selling farms and land for clients throughout the length and breadth of Scotland. With a wealth of experience in this area, we provide a full service from your initial enquiry to registration of your title and beyond.

We have a wide range of professional contacts, allowing us to put you in touch with the people in the know when it comes to arranging finance to enable your deal to happen.

We have a broad network of knowledgeable farming contacts throughout Scotland who keep us in the know with regard to land quality and practical considerations when dealing with property in Scotland.

Farms Wanted

  • Stock/Mixed Farm 250-300 acres
  • Dairy Farm 250-300 acres South West- Stranraer area.
  • Two Dairy Farms 200 acres.
  • Always demand for Clean blocks of bare land.