Succession & Life Planning

The target of our succession planning service is to give you peace of mind, safe in the knowledge that you have made the most appropriate arrangements for the future, having regard to the nature of your assets and likely applicable taxes. We aim to be a source of advice for all generations of clients.

We would always advise that clients have a Will in place – and it does make sense. Not having a Will can mean additional expenses and delay at a time when those you leave behind just want everything to run smoothly. Your Will is your final instruction and the most important tool in ensuring that the assets that you have worked hard to accumulate during life are distributed as you wish.

We can advise you on your Will, whether it is relatively simple or complex to deal with your circumstances. We can help to ensure that your proposals are tax efficient. We will work with you until you reach a stage where you are content with your decisions.

As part of succession we can assist with any transfers you would like to make to the next generation.

We also have expertise in Powers of Attorney and can help you to ensure that the people who will want to help you if you are in need will have the necessary tools to do so. We cover both financial and welfare attorneys and can guide you to what type of deed will be most suited to your needs.

Once complete, we hold all of your documents in our offices for safe-keeping and you can review them at any time you wish as they will be easily to hand.

For Down to Earth Advice on Succession Planning speak to John Dale or Alastair Dale.

The members of our succession planning team regularly speak at seminars to interested groups and in the past couple of years have provided presentations for…

  • Scottish Agricultural College
  • Dairy Co
  • Campbell Dallas, Chartered Accountants
  • Lanark & District Agricultural Discussion Society
  • West Renfrewshire Agricultural Discussion Society